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Opt In Plus is a leader in the distribution of sales leads designed to expand your particular business. We specialize in targeting qualified financial investors within the U.S., U.K., and the rest of Europe. Our premium financial leads include the following information: name, position, company name, phone number, address, company revenue ($1 million+ Net Worth, $200,000+ Annual Income, and $100,000+ invested in global markets). Additional fields may be available at a premium upon request.

Opt In Plus manages quality up-to-date investor data, including the personal information of CEOs, Financial Advisors, Managing Directors and major business leaders in the U.S., UK, and the rest of Europe. Extensive targeting can be performed at your discretion, by: industry, country, city, state, zip, position, gender and revenue.

We employ a variety of hygiene processes specifically designed to increase telephone number accuracy, resulting in immaculate, high-converting leads. Each telephone number in our premium lead database is professionally screened by our team of sales assistants on an ongoing basis to maintain the quality of the database.

As a turn-key solution, we provide data hygiene services such as address verification, Do Not Call suppression, National Change of Address (NCOA), and more.

Our clients range from Wall Street mid-cap stock brokerage firms such as E1 Asset Management and SW Bach, to multinational billion dollar-producing investment banks such as Pipper Jaffray.

Your order can be delivered on pressure sensitive cardstock, DVD, or can be downloaded via our secure server.

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