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Working with the world's leading companies.

The proprieters at Opt In Plus are always looking for savvy companies to engage in business. If you feel your venture is engaging, different, and profitable, we are certainly interested in potential partnership opportunities.

Opt In Plus has a reputation for being at the forefront of new media and technology developments, and we have partnered up with some the most innovative firms in the industry to help us stay on top.

The standard process for sending partnership proposals to us requires that all parties involved sign a mutual non disclosure agreement. To avoid conflict of interest, if Opt In Plus is already involved in a similar project we will inform you immediately, prior to your release of any sensitive details.

All submitted proposals will be evaluated on a case by case basis. You can submit your proposals to us at

For submission of CPA offers please send your offer directly to our campaign management department. They can be contacted by emailing

Remember to forward the creative, subject lines, and description of the payout terms along with any additional information. We have a full time staff that reviews new potential offers. By sending your offer details directly to our CPA Tips email address, we guarantee that your offer will be reviewed.