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Professional Social Ad Campaign Management

Take advantage of our marketing experience and let our social marketing experts manage your existing or planned campaigns. Our team of experts run your campaign across the 3 top social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Each campaign is targeted towards your target audience demographics including geo-location, interests, etc.

An estimated daily reach for each social network is provided as a range at the beginning of each campaign. The better the ad performs, the more impressions will be generated.

Our team of ad management experts manage the campaign from start to finish, including setup, monitoring and optimization of your campaign throughout the full 30 day period. This ensures the most possible daily impressions and highest quality of traffic for your campaign.

We perform in-depth bi-weekly reviews of statistics for all active campaigns to ensure optimal performance. As clickthrough statistics accumulate, we're able to see the demographics of the clickers and with this information ad targeting can be further optimized to target that audience. As ad performance statistics accumulate, we create variations of the top performing ads in order to find a version that will achieve even higher conversions.

Get more out of your social marketing efforts, start your next campaign with our social marketing team.

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